Green Tips

A stylized graphic of a florescent light bulb to support the tips the KB Recycling offers it's Amarillo and Canyon residential and commercial customers for being environmentally friendly.

Here are some simple ways you can help the environment.

Our green tips will allow you to engage in healthy environmental practices outside of recycling. Feel free to contact us and share some of your own green tips!

  • Recycle

    Recycling is the most efficient and affordable way to reduce your impact on the environment.

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  • Go Low Flow

    Using low flow faucets and shower heads will significantly reduce the amount of water you use over a year.

  • Hang Outside to Dry

    Get a clothes line or rack to dry your clothes. They will last longer and you will save money.

  • Turn off electronics at night

    Even though some electronics may appear to be off, they still use power. Unplug your electronics from the socket before you go to bed to make sure they don’t keep using energy.

  • Use Both Sides of Paper

    If you have a printer with a double sided print option, use it. You will save half of the amount of paper you would have normally used.

  • Don't take baths, take showers

    On average, you will save about half the amount of water that you would if you were taking a bath.

  • Don't buy bottled water

    Instead of drinking bottled water, get a reusable container to fill up when you need. You can also get a filter to clean your tap water which is more cost efficient than paying for new bottles.

  • Turn the water off while brushing your teeth

    You will save 4 gallons of water doing this alone.

  • Shorten your shower

    Every minute you shower is equal to roughly 5 gallons of w

  • Change to Fluorescent Bulbs

    If every house in the United States changed all of the light bulbs in their house it would be equivalent to taking nearly one million cars off the streets.

  • Don't Pre-Heat the Oven

    Unless it’s necessary, just turn the oven on when you are ready to begin baking. Also, look through the glass to see if its finished instead of opening it.

  • Use Warm or Cold Setting on Washer

    Instead of the hot cycle use the warm or cold setting, this will save a lot of energy over a year.

  • Turn Down your Thermostat

    Every degree lower in the winter or higher in the summer you put it amounts to a 10% decrease on your energy bill.

  • Turn off your lights 

    An easy one. Turn off your lights when you are not using them. The benefits are obvious.

  • Stop the junk mail

    There are many services that can help you get rid of the junk mail sent to your house. That will lead to a lot less trees being cut down and free up some room in your mailbox.

  • Use Matches instead of lighters

    Lighters are considered disposable so they will most likely end up in landfills. You can use the cardboard matches which are much more eco-friendly because they are made of recycled material.

  • Forget the paper phone book

    Instead of getting a paper phone book use an online directory for your needs.

  • Give things away

    Take things that you are not going to wear or use and donate them to a charity or someone who will find a use for it.

  • Go to a car wash

    Going to a car wash is much more water efficient then washing your car at home.

  • Check your bank statements online 

    Why waste paper getting your bank statement mailed to you when if you can just check it out online.

  • Use Rechargeable Batteries

    Even though it may cost a little more initially, you will find yourself gaining it back in no time.

  • Pay your Bills Online

    If every house in the US paid their bills online we could save 18 million trees every year.

  • Get a reusable bag

    Instead of using plastic bags, get yourself a reusable bag so that you won't have to worry about carrying your necessities. This will cut down on the amount of plastic in your waste stream.

  • Run Errands in Bulk

    Make a list of the things you have to do, and see if you can fit a couple of those things together in one ride.

  • Inflate your Tires

    Make sure your tires are inflated at all times so your car will run more miles on less gas.

  • Wrap Presents Creatively

    Instead of buying a new roll of wrapping paper, you can recycle newspaper, an old map, or anything else. It looks good and you can be a whole lot more creative.

  • Plant a Tree

    It's good for the air, can keep you cool, and can increase your property value.

  • Buy Local Produce 

    Consider how much energy it takes for produce from abroad or any other state to make it here. If you have the option to buy local, do it.

  • Walk or Ride Your Bike When you can

    If you have to go somewhere close consider riding your bike or walking there instead of driving your car. It's better on the environment and healthier for you!