Make A Difference

We must become the change we want to see in the world.

Through education and customer involvement KB is committed to making a difference in our community.

Whether it is just doing simple things around the house to conserve water and energy, getting involved in our plant a tree program or getting your business or household involved in our recycling project we truly believe that together we can, "Make a Difference." We invite you to visit the links below to see how KB has partnered with the community.

Image of light bulb representing Tips for being green.
Green Tips

As we grow, KB will commit time and energy to new educational materials and programs for both the current and future leaders of our community. We are also committed to helping our current community leaders understand the benefits and importance of sustainable living.


Image of three tree in different sizes signifying growth.
Plant A Tree

At KB Recycling our goal has always been to promote a culture of sustainable living and educate the residents of our town about the importance of recycling. In accordance with this goal we have started a plant a tree program, it is our way of giving back.


Image of a city block symbolizing a community that is involved with recycling.
Customer Involvement

Changes over time have painted a vivid picture of the environmental impact that we have had on this planet. From the piles of trash dumped daily at the local landfills to the millions of plastic bottles washed into the ocean everyday, our waste is taking a toll. We invite you to see who is getting involved.