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KB Recycling is good for your business.

Below you will see a variety of ways we approach commercial recycling. Whatever the size of your business or budget, we will develop a customized recycling solution and pick-up schedule to meet your needs.

Heavy Commercial

Is your trash dumpster being filled with cardboard boxes? Because of its bulk and the void space it creates when not broken down properly, it can become increasingly expensive to dispose of. Let us help you save money, assist you in managing your waste more effectively, and minimize the amount of trash entering the landfill.

KB Recycling provides 8 cubic yard containers for those businesses that generate a large amount of cardboard. These containers come with a slotted front to insure all boxes are flattened properly. Each container has a locking mechanism which allows you to do the following:

  • Lock the container (restrict the general public from using it).
  • Employee accountability (making sure all cardboard is flattened properly)
  • Wind (we live in West Texas, wind is a problem).

This maximizes the space in the container. Containers can be serviced from every other week up to five days per week. Smaller containers available upon request.

Light Commercial

Because no two establishments are laid out the same way, KB offers a variety of collection options. From schools, corporations, single offices in a complex, to an office complex itself, KB can accommodate your business's unique layout and needs. We currently offer recycling services for Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, and Aluminum.

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